“…powerful voices, striking
visuals and iconic music…”

- GIS NEWS, Dominica

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The award-winning film, Dominica: Charting a Future for Paradise, is a story about the nature island of Dominica. It is a story of determination and vision – about how this small Caribbean country overcomes the challenges of nature, limited resources and a stagnant population to sustain herself as an independent nation.

In 2008, Dominica celebrated 30 years of independence from Great Britain with an extraordinary nationwide reunion. It was a time for Dominicans, local and abroad, to reflect on past struggles and achievements and share a vision of their future.

The film takes us on a journey of discovery that spans several decades and countries. The film captures the culture of a people, the festivities of the reunion, breathtaking island scenes and the nostalgia of those who have stayed abroad for too long.